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I came up with this last minute ritual during Samhain.

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I came up with this last minute ritual during Samhain.

Postby ChristianWitch » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:23 pm

It's my first ever ritual that I came up with myself. Usually I borrow other witches' spells and rituals. Samhain has passed but I'd thought I'd still share and maybe people can try this out next year. Tell me what you think.
You Will Need:
  • some sort of shrine consisting representations of dead relatives, loved ones, and pets - This can range from photos, items from them, to even cremated remains. I did this in my living room. I have a fireplace and on the left and right sides of it, are shelves of old family photos. There is also a wooden box with the ashes of my dog inside. So everything was kinda already set up for me; I didn't have to move anything. Just have them around.
  • a black or white candle for the dead
  • representation(s) of the Archangel Azrael - For this I used the Death Tarot Card, the Coffin Lenormand Card, and the Scythe Lenormand Card. Pictures, statues or whatever of the angel can work too.
  • a white or yellow, pearl, cream-ish candle for Azrael
  • a chocolate (or any other small sweet) offering for Azrael
  • an apple offering for the dead

1.) Light the black/white candle and say, "I light this in honor of my ancestors, loved ones, and pets that have passed on."
2.) Light the white/yellow/cream/pearl candle and say, "I light this in honor of the Archangel Azrael. On this day that was created by us to tribute the dead, I also tribute the one who escorts the souls as well as help those who mourn. May I welcome them with open arms when it is my time."
3.)Let both candles burn all the way through until they're finished. If desired, you may take this time to meditate on the deceased and/or the angel or do anything else for the ritual in your taste.
4.) If you choose to use the food offerings put them by the belonging candles and say, "I give this chocolate (or "sweet" whatever) to Azrael as an offering." "I give this apple to my deceased ones as an offering."

This is a small and flexible ritual and can be easily used to pick apart and change to fit your craft. For instance if your a Kemetic witch you can do Osiris or Anubuis instead of Azrael and use a candle or offering to their liking, or if you worship and work with Norse deities you can do Hel.
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