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a magic site

This is the place to link other sites, magically related or not.

a magic site

Postby prettymind77 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 1:11 am

Here's my first post like they told me to post......

Very very cool software on this site using orgone energy and a possible new avenue of doing magic for you.

another one is:

Which is founded by the inventor of the chi generator, which is same thing as an orgone generator........
This magic really really works as long as there isn't alot of blockages from people speaking about it to you. The owner of this site called his inventions "Orgone mind machines"......

Doing orgone manifestation magic I saw results quite very often.......... would be nice to have a very more powerful generator though...... its not witchcraft, its MAGIC, and its life force energy magic.......... you can argue with me that it is witchcraft or not, I look at witchcraft like more along the lines of elements and candles, although this orgone stuff is also spell casting........
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