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This is the place to link other sites, magically related or not.


Postby Arabius » Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:45 am

Hello :)

I was just wondering if anyone else has a Deviant Art account out there and such. I mainly do photography/pencil sketches. But I figured it may be fun to see what some other people have done. Maybe we could even watch each other (not in a stalking sense, but more of a friendly sense).

Anyways, so if you have a Deviant Art account, link it here so I can look at your stuffs and comment on it and stuff. :D

My Deviant Art. ^^

I originally started with pencil sketches, then went to some paintings, then moved over to photography, then did some digital stuff, and now I have no idea what I actually do anymore. o_o;
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Re: DeviantArt?

Postby RoguePhoenix » Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:41 pm

This is my DA account. I love the photographs you take~ You already know that though, since I follow you on DA. I do digital art and things like pencil, ink, crayons, markers, paint, pastels, chalk, and such. I don't currently have a way to get my physical art on the computer though, too bad too.
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Re: DeviantArt?

Postby beadingbritt » Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:47 pm This is mine :)
I've started doing a lot of cake decorating and such, I'm still working on getting photos and sketches up online :)
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Re: DeviantArt?

Postby Jahnya » Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:46 pm

yes, my dA account is listed on my profile page. but here... :nay:
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