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Length of Man's Civilization

scientific issues

Length of Man's Civilization

Postby walker » Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:10 am

Now I get to be really unpopular. Straight up - I DO NOT believe humans are the cause of most of the global warming. Some, but not enough, to cause significant change in the weather. This is in fact the kind of weather pattern needed to bring on an ice age. You can now all do a chorus of - Are You OUT Of Your Cotton Picking Mind?. I must say no. Down to facts. I teach Social Psychology and Military History. This past few years they've been calling soc-psy "Group Dynamics" ,it's the same thing. At least they pay me the same. I'll take that as experimental evidence that it's the same. And what the hell does social psy have to do with climate and plate tectonics. Quite a lot, actually. Groups of people react to pressure depending, in large degree, to their societal imperatives. Nothing like years of drought finished off by a major earthquake or volcanic activity to put pressure on a society. Being in academia, classes in climatology and geo-sciences were essentially free and had a lot to do with external societal pressure. They could even be a root cause of things like barbarian attack ( Huns and Eastern and Western Roman Empires c. 430 - 453 CE ). I never thought about astronomy as being linked to earthquakes. Lately I wonder. For the next five years we'll be on the same side of the sun as Jupiter from November to February. The Prof from the Astro-physics Dept. wouldn't give me a straight answer about gravitational effects of Jupiter on plate tectonics. I did notice that roll the eyes the second my back was turned look. It's not my fault he has no vision about how interconnected everything is. I'm keeping track anyway.

Now to proof about my take on Global Warming. Without a bunch of numbers to make your eyes glaze over and send you to sleep we can just do specific cases. The climate is killing us and it's all our fault researchers want something. They want money to run their projects in fine style. You truly have no idea. Most academics will use a sibling as their human sacrifice. And that's the take it casually type. It gets mean if they get serious. Any Academic worth their salt can make statistics say what they want them to say. I am often unpopular because I don't toe the party line. I didn't do all that work to get tenure for nothing. I can just say what I want - if I'm right.

The Little Ice Age: A period of colder then normal winter's in the Northern Hemisphere. The first period was from c.1350 to c.1490. The second period was from c. 1570 to c. 1850 (Lamb1969/Schmierder&Moss1975) During this period the Maunder minimum was noted. Sun spots were exceedingly rare, often completely missing, from the suns normal activity (various astronomers: Halley et al) during the period 1645 to 1715. During the height of the Little Ice Age, the Baltic Sea and most of the Rivers in Europe and North America froze over hard. Winters were bitterly cold and the growing season was shortened by three to four weeks. The Little Ice Age was the root cause of the second pulse of the Black Death to the Thirty Years War to "Frankenstein" being written in the year without a summer, 1816. I'll provide notes on these and a mass of other very negative occurrences if anyone wants them. This, as you can imagine, had a large effect on the Northern Hemisphere's Glaciers. In 1850 the glaciers were at the maximum ice content since the end of the Younger Dryas c. 9,500BCE. In other words the glaciers of the Northern Hemisphere were at the maximum extent possible short of a full Ice Age. With this you get the full ground loading of the Earth's Tectonic Plates. Hard winters become ingrained in the collective social imagination which takes a long time to change, as we're seeing now.(Cohen, Van Weigner, Dramin, et al)
The loss will seem rapid from glaciers starting at the maximum beginning point. 65% of the loss from the glaciers was before 1939. Until that time the CO2 load in the atmosphere was not big enough to trigger so called "man made climatological effects". Even the most: the sky is falling, on us, man made climate change panic prone scientist will not argue this point. Let me highlight that point. More then half the melting of the glaciers was during a time of natural climate. The melting has actually slowed. This is reasonable since the glaciers are now at higher altitudes. (Allan et al)

This further forces one to look for a set of implications that a greater set of cycles exists. The Sphinx started as a huge lion carving and the blocks from it's enclosure were used for the Valley Temple. Age of Leo in the Great year. Teotihuacan fits the age of Taurus. Puma Punku seems to be a devastated city whose foundations align with an age of Scorpio. Tenochtitlan Is beside and in some places built over Pumu Punku. It's alignment is still being debated. Mostly because of disagreement over facing directions of temples and enclosures.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole with me consider; we don't know which age of Leo or Scorpio or whichever. You can't date rock. It aligns with the proper stars but, they could be aligned from any Great Year. That's one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the Ecliptic, or about 25,800 years. The Spinx aligns beautifully with the constellation Leo in it's Age. During which period of 2,150 years was it carved. Was it the last one, 12, 900 years ago. The weathering pattern indicates it was eroded in a wet, rainy climate. Last time that was going on in Egypt was 8,000- years ago. Prof. R Shock brought the evidence, not to Egyptologists, but to Geologists. Egyptologists say it's 2,500 years old and was eroded by wind or something, ahh... did you see this mummy, harrumph.... this inscription.... Sorry, after enough time goes by I can stick my name on something and get buried near it. It doesn't mean it wasn't built thousands of years before I was born. It's a bloody great rock ,in an enclosure carved out of rock with a building made of huge honkin' rocks in front of it. The geologists, a bunch, not just Bob, you know the guys that know about rocks, say the Egyptologists have been snorting mummy dust. And the Valley Temple is even more of a nightmare. The stone cutters and crane operates say they can't do it with the equipment we have today. The Egyptologists say: "Peasants with wooden mallets and copper tools cut the stone and then they got a thousand other guys to push and pull it around. You just stopped insulting my intelligence and started insulting your own intelligence.

Well I've run down on this for now. Please if anybody reads this at least say hello. Opinions or insights would be even better. There will be more on this.

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