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Foraging the Wild: Proper Methods in Collection

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Foraging the Wild: Proper Methods in Collection

Postby Reverie » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:00 am


I am a natural practitioner located in the mountains of southern Tennessee. I have been avidly studying wild herbs and trees native to the area for three years now, studying mostly from a distance. My main sources of research have been books and the web. I get out in the woods as often as possible, some summer months that entails many visits per week. This summer I have been blessed with a mountain home on a modest piece of land! The air, the ground, the forest, the creek and quarry pulsate with energy. The potency here is sometimes overwhelming, has sent me over one edge or another once or twice. Even folks I've had as guests who have little to no extra sensory perception are affected by the cadence.
I have my eye on some saplings not far from my home. I want to transplant them, invite them to live with me. I have harvested numbers of wild plants in my years as a witch, I have never felt uncertain in that endeavor. I want to act with the same decisive measure in collecting the trees I choose to re-home.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

)O( Reverie
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