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Animal Guide/Familiar?

Animal allies, animal spirits, totems

Animal Guide/Familiar?

Postby Ria_Firesong » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:14 pm

This is long, so please bear with me.

Witchcraft runs in my family, but I’ve only recently started practicing. Also my entire life I’ve been drawn to black cats, but could never have one due to allergies. My live-in boyfriend is also allergic.

That being said, we were handing out candy at the salon on Halloween when this adorable black cat cane running up to me as if he’d known me his whole life. I immediately started looking for his owner, but had no luck. We ended up taking Jim back to my apartment, where he proceeded to follow me around like a lost dog.

Anyway, a friend of mine came over that night with the guy she’d recently started seeing. I wasn’t expecting company and has left my tarot deck on my table. The guy saw them and asked for a reading, which I gave him. It was so accurate he began crying and asked for a beer. Keep in mind that everyone was seated watching, and the cat was purring around my feet. The guy takes a few sips and asks for another reading, to which I obliged. Again, he starts crying and reaches for his beer, but it’s not there. A quick search finds it on the counter, a good 10 feet away, with the cat curled up around it. The guy freaked out and left.

We never did find this Cat’s owner. I named him Salem. The best part? He hasn’t bothered mine nor my boyfriend’S allergies once since he found us.

Could this cat be my spirit guide or familiar, it was it sheer luck my favorite animal turned up on my favorite holiday and we’re not even allergic to him?

I’m including a pic of Salem.
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Re: Animal Guide/Familiar?

Postby Serafanyelle » Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:55 am

Soul mates are not just human in form. Given the correspondences ... yes, I think that Salem is a Spirit Guide and non-human soul mate.
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