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Angel Bio - Ariel: The Spitfire

The messengers of Divinity

Angel Bio - Ariel: The Spitfire

Postby BlackTail » Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:56 am

Angel of Nature and The elements

Ariel is the angel of nature. Her domain is mainly over animals and and elemental forces. If there is one thing this angel loves most of all it is animals.Ariel is great for protecting the fuzzy, feathered, or flippy beings in your life. There is nothing she would do for the animals and for those that protect them. Her sassy attitude and never-say-die outlook makes her one of your most powerful allies.
Ariel is also an angel of elemental forces, these being fire, water, wood, air, and earth. Every angel is associated with one or more of these, but their raw power is governed by Ariel. In all cases of primal power Ariel can be called upon to help bring it under control. She also is great at protecting children and lends her vast knowledge of nature to those that want to preserve it. All in all, a gun-ho spitfire!

from the Angel Updates Blog
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