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Angel Bio - Kerubiel : Angel of Guardians

The messengers of Divinity

Angel Bio - Kerubiel : Angel of Guardians

Postby BlackTail » Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:39 pm

Angel of Guardians

A long, long time ago the choir of Cherubim were described as being a combination of ox, human, eagle, and lion. These are the animals that compose the sphinx. It should come to no surprise then that Kerubiel can be first encountered as this creature or simply a winged lion. Kerubiel is a strong and confidant warrior angel that comes to our aid when we feel vulnerable. Though protecting is his main task, he seems to enjoy teaching through experience.

Kerubiel's energy is that of a strong, sure, guardian. With a wide smile and loud, friendly demeanor you can't really be on Kerubiel's bad side. But don't get him wrong, he can teach you a lesson is you choose to pick on the young, sensitive, or emotional. His motto is most likely to be, "Have no fear! Kerubiel is here!"
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