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Angels of Death?

The messengers of Divinity

Angels of Death?

Postby BlackTail » Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:55 pm

I have been researching angels of death and I am running up against something. A lot of angels of death are considered bad or demonic. While those same angels are also still angels of heaven. Its weird and a little confusing. I could see people calling angels of death evil because of their job, but that wouldn't make them evil. What is your take? Angels or others?
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Re: Angels of Death?

Postby Qedava the Grey » Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:42 pm

While I'm not fond of any Angels, as you very well know, Angels of Death are no different than any other Angels. Sure, they have their own unique personality and "quirks," but they aren't evil. Of course, I don't recognize the existence of "evil," just forces that some might consider... Unsavory, at most. Angels of Death blur the lines between the light and the dark in some aspects, but being that I also don't view death as something negative, I've always found it absurd to consider those associated with Death as being evil. I view money to be the root of all evil, but I still don't consider beings associated with wealth as being "evil," it's just ludicrous!

All entities have tasks to accomplish, tasks that they are (for lack of a better term) assigned to do. This is the way nature must work. The Balance, Light Dark, etc. Like I've said many times, there is no GOOD or EVIL, those are things created by humans to explain the things that make them, and those around them happy versus those things that make them upset, hurt or in pain. All things must work harmoniously together, and those things that work in ways of "good" and "evil" do that, whether we're happy or sad, there are reasons for this. If we lived in a world of happiness, joy and love, there would be no point to live at all. We all suffer in our own ways, and these are where our lessons come from, the balance of the two.
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