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Demon guides

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Demon guides

Postby Elizabethannedaisy » Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:20 pm

Hello, im Elizabeth. My family has a long history with the spiritual so I was born with the gift, now when I was in 6th grade I began getting into witchcraft without any help from people around me. I've had incounters with lillith and another demon named amarouq, he is who I'm here asking about, does anyone have any information on him specifically. he is the only reason my father believes i've had any contact with anything spiritual because he(my father) read about him in a sorcery book a long time ago, and got rid of it before I was born. I would like any information anyone has. Thank you.
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Re: Demon guides

Postby BlackTail » Thu Nov 12, 2015 2:43 pm

I have no personal info on this one. However demons are not for the new practitioners and can give trouble to even the experienced practitioner. Do not communicate with these things lightly. Demons (not devils) are very primal energies that should not be dealt with mildly or with your guard down. Lillith as well is a devil, most goddess worship paints her as a dark mother goddess. She isn't. She births monsters every waking hour then eats children, she is what we refer to as a devil, a particular biblical evil entity.
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