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The Tool that Talks

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The Tool that Talks

Postby BlackTail » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:55 pm

The Talking Board and Ouija Board season is upon us. There are many stories concerning these magickal tools. Although they are not suggested for new or inexperienced people, there are ways to cut down on the risk of using these tools.

Take away the creep factor
Try using the boards in lit rooms or under decent lighting. No one said you HAD to use it under very dim lighting, it just adds to the mystic and atmosphere.

Set up some protection
By smudging your home first or creating some protection charms/elements to place around your home. It is not about blocking all spirit communication, it is about blocking out the 'spirits that wish harm or mischief.' That is the key phrase to use. Even invoking the name of angels, gods, goddess or a protective spirit to watch over your home can be useful.

Bless the tool
By infusing your board with positive energy you keep harmful spirits from attaching to it. By saying a prayer over the board and planchette, filling it with the good energy that would protect your working, harmful things can be pushed away.

Invitation only
You can call on specific beings, such as ancestors and spirit guides, only. Craft a prayer or simple chant to allow only 'positive and good spirits into our space.' Bring pictures or passed relatives, pets, or simple sketches to make your intention know who you'd like to talk to. And leave out a little offering for them, such as their favorite food or drink. Using a tip from above: invoke the names of good angels spirits or gods to secure that only the spirits invited or non-harmful come into your space.

More than one
Always use a board with more than yourself. The added energy not only boosts the strength but doing the protections, blessings, and invitation together boosts the strength of those as well making it that much easier and safer.

Never go to boards angry
Your mood can severely change the type of experience you have with a ouija/talking board. If you go to a board with anger and spite in your heart, you will attract those types of energies to you. Always approach a session in a spirit of fun, love, awe, and certainty. Before your group takes up the planchette, do some fun things and get laughter in your space. Do a little dancing, crafting, just something fun to fill up your space with good vibes.

Be safe as you explore with these tools and try to enjoy the experience!

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Re: The Tool that Talks

Postby Symandinome » Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:04 pm

nicely done!
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