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Paganism, Angels and Demons

For the unexplainable, mysterious, or astral

Paganism, Angels and Demons

Postby Priestess Vala » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:02 pm

*Interested in Other's Opinions and Views on Angels and Demons Separate from Christian Dogma*

I know many pagans who recognize angels and demons. I personally do recognize these beings, angels being charged with keeping order and high vibrations in the cosmic order and demons being charged with keeping chaos and low vibrations. I believe they are meant to be in balance (if not day-to-day balance than overall cosmic balance).
I also know that in Christian and Hebrew tradition the concept of angels, demons and the struggle between good and evil is borrowed from, influenced by or held in common with (depending on your belief) Zoroastrianism. The Christian concept of angels and demons states that angels are ruled by God and devils by Satan. Even the Zoroastrian concept has the Supreme God being the ruler of angels.

I was wondering, If you recognize demons and angels, how do they fit into your pagan world view? Do you believe them governed by Satan and God? I'm not a Christian witch and have no belief in God, but I feel it is likely that there is a "commander" of sorts, sort of the Queen Bee and the demons/angels are the worker bees. How do you identify this concept? Or do you believe that angels and demons are free agents?

Also, where do you feel that angels and demons live/originate from? Do you believe in a conventional Heaven and Hell construct? Do they exist solely to sway human beings, or do they have some other, older purpose?
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Re: Paganism, Angels and Demons

Postby BlackTail » Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:39 pm

I view angels & demons as simply two opposing energy/vibration of spiritual beings. I think angels are a higher vibration, seeking to bring the universe and us, as humans, to a higher vibration. So that they and the universe are at the highest vibrational harmony.
How I see demons are a little different. They seek to bring beings and the worlds to a low vibrational. Not only to 'feed' or 'live off' the beings negativity, but to be in a kind of negative-vibrational harmony. I see it in mind as two spirits trying to create their ideal environments by manipulating (demons) or supporting (angels) others.
I borrow my foundation from the three big religions, but it has changed over the course of my pagan years. Some things that 'appear' evil, actually have a more defined duty but one that is often looked upon badly. Like the angel of Death, though they are still an angel, people relate it to evil.
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Re: Paganism, Angels and Demons

Postby RoguePhoenix » Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:49 am

Demons and angels have existed in different mythologies before Christianity and the like came along. Since I don't believe in a heaven or hell, it would be silly of me to believe they come from there. I think demons and angels are just two very different types of spirits, and that in itself being what gets people to compare them together so often. One is draw to light and the sun, the other is drawn to the moon and the dark. In some mythology demons are seen as being either positive or negative, in some they are just negative, in some they are even guardians. I don't believe in gods, so I don't believe God or Satan rules them, nor do I think they have people like those roles with them. I honestly think there's no real 'purpose' of them, rather they are just as individualistic as people, and as people each try to seek out finding themselves and what they want to do with their lives.
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Re: Paganism, Angels and Demons

Postby Cora » Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:13 am

I was just reading about a topic on a similar subject to this in a magazine. It was encouraging people to find their darker side with the help of demons saying they have gifts to offer us. I'll have to dig it out and post it for you. I was surprised that they were encouraging people to do things like that.

I don't believe in Angels and Demons, but I do believe in forces similar to them. I don't think its as simple as them being all good or all evil. I once read that we have a dark angel in addition to a guardian angel. The dark angel apparently helps us with our darkest thoughts and helps us through our darkest times.

My own take is that there are forces of energy, some good energy like when you walk into a place and feel instantly at ease, and some evil having a similar effect on you but in reverse. But they are not trapped by those two catergories, there are many other 'personalities' they can have.

There is a wood near me and I feel the energy of a mischievous energy force in there. I can see in my mind's eye this figure hanging around in the trees, watching people. Teasing them, walking with them etc.

I've also 'seen' with my mind's eye dark hunched shadows at the sides of motorways. I think this is energy trapped from car crashes that roams.

I atribute this kind of force to most hauntings too. I've been in places where you feel at ease and homely, and other places where the hair on the back of your neck stands on end and you feel terrified for no apparent reason. These are all my own experiences of beings I would call angels & demons, I don't think of them in the mainstream context. I hope this makes sense.

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