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Happy Birthday Nebthet!!

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Happy Birthday Nebthet!!

Postby BlackTail » Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:32 am

Today is the birthday of Nebthet (Nephthys) one of my primary goddesses!
I adore her and find her to be one of the gentler goddesses out there. Unless you piss her off.. then maybe not (Ask Twine).
Nebt-het is a death goddess and the twin of Aset (Isis) whose birthday was August 1st. I have a meditation for her in A Different Shade and have drawn her many many times. Today I have given her offerings of incense, Black Raspberry pop, lavender, and dark chocolate. This girl does love her junk food.
She is the mother of Yinepu/Anpu(Anubis) and the wife of Set (Seth), so she is tougher than she seems.
<3 to Nebthet today!

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