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Adro & Adroa

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Adro & Adroa

Postby Qedava the Grey » Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:45 am

Adro & Adroa
    Adro; The Darker Aspect, Ruler of the Earthy Plane, the personification of the Black River Snake. He is "evil," in the way that he rules over death, he is the Destroyer, the "Father" of Immaculate Conception; He, much like an incubus, feeds off of dark sexual energy -- like lust, jealousy, obsession -- and in doing so, he is the creators of the Adroanzi -- (mostly) benevolent nature spirits, Guardians in the Night, the protect mortals trekking through dark woods, cemeteries or places where fear may grow. Though turn back to check for their protection and you become their meal. Always have faith that they protect you, and never look back upon their faces.

    As he appears to me, he is a lean, small man, muscular and appearing completely nude (though for the most part rather androgynous) with inky black skin, glistening with dampness. He usually only appears in water or mirrors, at all times seeming as though he is underwater -- his hair flowing against gravity. His eyes are bone white, and his face is always curled into a wide smile, bearing his snake-like teeth. He is the tempter, the Darkness in the Light, but also the Protector and Destroyer of Man. Much like Kali, in a way.


    Adroa; The Lighter Aspect, Ruler of the Heavens and the Spiritual Plane, he exists in contrast with Adro, while built the same (only somewhat taller) he bears bone white skin and ink black eyes/hair, he can appear on any earth, though he cannot seem to stand in water, instead choosing to stand atop it. He is the Creator God, one of sex in relation to love, erupting thoughts of happiness, joy and the sexual sides of these things (though he is Immaculate Creator). He rules over luck, wishes, health & beauty. He is also the God of Divination and Knowledge of both the Spirit and Mundane worlds, most notable Fate and Destiny.

    Keep in mind that while he is the good/Light aspect, he is no less feisty or perverted than his other half. He is also more light-hearted, open and willing to engage. In fact, as far as my work with the Dual God goes, I have never actually conversed with Adro, only watched him as he watched me.

Herbs/Objects to Use:
  • Cinnamon
  • Coffee
  • Lemon
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Bones
  • Running Water
  • Black/White Candles
  • Semen
  • Blood (menstrual or otherwise)

    Using the bones of a black hen/rooster, these can be used for divination. While I already have throwing bones, he suggested I add a few more to my batch and connect his spiritual knowledge. I painted the bones with black paint, some halved down the middle simple black and white, others halved with swirling black tribal-esque designs, and some banded black and white.

    Black & White are the colors that should be utilized when working each of the respectively.

Bath Ritual:
    Add the above herbs to a hot bath, asking Adro/Adroa to bless the water and time. Erect a mini-altar of black candles, bones and an effigy. Light the candles and bath in the light of the black candles. Wash, and call to them both. A wish may be made to Adroa -- if proper payment, such as confessions or music be sang/played -- and/or to Adro for Protection (from Dark Spirits or those who seek harm upon you), also for the right payment -- orgasms are always a handy way to pay Adro off, though he may get a little handsy.
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