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Sekhmet - Lady of Power

Deities, Concepts, Archetypes

Sekhmet - Lady of Power

Postby BlackTail » Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:44 am

Lady of Power

Sekhmet is the great. fiery goddess of the sun. She was the daughter of Ra and when her father told her to go and punish the humans who had done wrong against the gods, she went. In her terrible punishment she slew hundreds of people. As she did this Ra saw his mistake and consulted the other gods as to how to stop this. Sekhmet was too powerful to be challenged. So they crafted barrel upon barrel of beer. And with a powder, dyed it red like blood. Before sunrise they poured the mixture into a field that Sekhmet was going to pass that morning. Upon seeing the beer, thinking it blood, Sekhmet pounced into the field and drank up all the beer. Only then did she rest from her onslaught and return to Hathor, goddess of joy and love.

We see this story as somewhat terrifying. But as we all know in order to learn to heal, you must first know pain. Sekhmet did as she was told to do. It was only after she was met with pleasure and sweetness that she returned to herself. Through her past, she learned to become a healer and a warrior for her children.
Daughter of Sekhmet
Beloved of Sobek-Ra, Yinepu, Nebthet, and Nefertem

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