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could i be or is there such a thing as a hereditary witch

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could i be or is there such a thing as a hereditary witch

Postby MargRetha » Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:57 am

I have no knowledge of witchcraft, will some be more attuned to their inner self then others? I seem to have quite the intuition. Could it be because its in my blood? My boss traced my ancestry to 1550 and wasn't up to filling out a 3rd chart. All my ancestors lived died in Germany. Very strong clan. Even now i have 5 older sisters all bawdy loud and aggressive men are still scared of my clan lol. Could my great great great great great great great great great great grandmother Margretha be with me?
I feel like fate is leading me by the nose something wants me to discover what has been hidden from me. I have oddest feeling i have a path set b4 me i must follow. For past 5 years I've worked at a herbal botanical garden even my home and land seems to have been hand picked to best help me find my true self and become closer to nature. How else does a catholic girl from 8 mile Detroit end up on 24 acre farm with a 7 acre pond to call her own and have freedom to do what she may on in relative seclusion. Coincidence? I am starting to think this is bigger then me. I am excited to have reached this new chapter in my life, and hope i can contribute to making our world a better place,
Blessed be
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