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Breaking bad luck curses. Good luck, justice and love spells

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Breaking bad luck curses. Good luck, justice and love spells

Postby radicalrave » Tue May 05, 2015 3:00 pm

HI everyone, I've been dealign with a major deal of bad luck for years.

I lost my car, have no income, money, in severe debt, need help getting back into school injustice, etc.

I need help because I need money to come in and get rid of the bad luck against me. I also need a spell to get rid of some legal issues I've been dealing with that I want gone and have my cases dismissed from the fabricated evidence from the police. My parents are also treating me also and focusing on some kid that doesn't belong to them and need them to get rid of him, because their real kids, us, need their help.

I also want my ex to come back to me and want to be with me and is sexually attracted to me, fall for me and love me to want to sleep with me, etc.

Can someone please come and help me? I need a series of serious really good luck spells and so forth.

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