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Smudge stick, unknown symbols

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Smudge stick, unknown symbols

Postby Hanna » Wed Nov 12, 2014 2:29 pm

Hello, I just recently joined because a close friend of mine came to me with a curious item. I am going to try and post pictures of it. I only have one at them moment so maybe it will help. She found this bundle of herbs with directions (we believe its directions) that appear to be written in hebrew and some symbols I believe to be pagan. Now ive done some research and from what my friend tells me and from what ive read, it appears to be a protection or cleansing item.. but with her not fully knowing what it is she is scared. Her husband and daughter has touched this, so she is in fear for them if it does indeed turn out to be something from the darker side. I right off the bat could smell sage and thyme. and I think I see cedar branches. It is wrapped in green and white twine. the person who gave this to her lit it and put it out ( I can see the scorch marks) So my questions are A: what is this and how is it used. B: If she is too scared to use it, how might she dispose of it and cleanse her self, husband and daughter? thank you for any help
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Re: Smudge stick, unknown symbols

Postby hecate8 » Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:58 pm

That's the Third Pentacle of Jupiter, one of the seals of Solomon. It defends and protects one against any enemy. The herbs are most likely a smudge stick, used for cleansing and purifying. If it scares you, throw it away.
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