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Magickal Services

What The Witches Collective Has to Offer

Here at The Witches Collective we offer many services to the public. Our gifted writers, psychics, and resources are at your disposal. Experienced witches are here to help in many different ways.

Reiki Session

Reiki is a spiritual philosophy and practice that is passed from one master to their students. Through this practice, a practitioner can channel the healing energy to aid another person.
This service is now offered here at The Witches Collective.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings and divination is an ancient art. Through self training and research, or simply through spiritual gifts, the readers are available to you. Will you seek answers to your questions?

Spell Writing Service

Spells are powerful tools to bring about desired results. You do not need to be a gifted witch to use a spell or perform a ritual. This is why this service exists. Whatever your need, we can craft a spell or ceremony to help you achieve your goal.

Occult and Magick Consultation

There are many strange and mysterious occurences in the world. This service is for those that have these strange happenings in their lives. Whether you are a ghost hunter or simply someone who is curious about the situations coming into your life. Spirit Communication falls under this service.




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