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Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program



Purple Candle Love Spell


Purple is the 5th sacred element, and represents ‘connection.’ Today we are after connecting with your object of desire.


Purple Candle Love Spell
1, Nip out and buy: a, a purple candle, b, a crystal candle holder (the best sort, but any will do).
2, And you’ll need an orchid, I nearly forgot that.

Light your purple candle, this will change the atmosphere to an erotic one.
Hold your orchid and chant while grazing into the candle flame”

“I ask thee, to grant pleasure between (lover’s name) and me,
in no limited measure.
I kiss the orchid (do this),
in a bid,
That my desire will set my lover on fire!
So mote it me.

Now go out again, and drop the orchid on the doorstep of the one you are trying to seduce.


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