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Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program



Brown Sugar Healing Spell

  • Brown Sugar
  • Jar with lid 
  • Picture of sick person

As you sit and prepare for the spell, visualize the person who is in need of healing. Hold them in your mind as you take their picture in your hands. Place the picture to the side and scoop out some brown sugar. It should fill the bottle half way. If you have other ground healing herbs (cinnamon or  lavender work well), drop a little bit of those in as well. Take the picture of the person, a piece of paper with their name can substitute, and place it in the jar so it sits in the sugar. Cap the jar tight and visualize the energy brewing within the jar. Begin shaking the jar up and down say,

"Sweetness bind your blood and bone,
Sweetness to your strength
Sweetness build you up and up,
Sweetness dull your pain."

Say this three times as you shake. When you are done, go outside. Take the cap off the jar and pull out the picture, or name, of the person.  Pour the contents of the jar out on the earth. Keep the picture for yourself or give it to the person.

Best done on a waxing moon.




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