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Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program



Cakes and Ale Ritual

�I acknowledge my needs and offer my appreciation to that which sustains me!
May I ever remember the blessings of the Lord and Lady.�

Pull your feet together, pick up your ale goblet in your left hand, and your
athame in your right. Slowly lower the athame into the wine (or ale).

**(If you dont have an athame just use your finger)**

Then say,
�As male joins female for the benifit and happiness of both, let the fruits of their
union promote life. Let the earth be fruitful and let wealth be
spread throughout all lands.�

Lay down the athame and drink from the goblet. Replace the goblet onto
the altar and pick up the athame, again. Tough the tip of the athame to
the cake in the offering dish.

Then say,
�This food is the blessing of the Lady and the Lord given freely to me.
As freely as I have received, may I also give food for the body, mind and
spirit to those who seek such of me.�

Eat some of the cake and drink some of the wine (or ale) but reserve some of both to pour outside on the ground as an offering to the gods when your done with your ritual.

Then say,
�As I enjoy these gifts of the Goddess and the God, may I ever be mindful that without them I would have nothing. So mote it be!�

(Proceed onto the closing of your circle)