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Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program



Directory of Japanese Deities

Ama no Uzume
Description: Fertility goddess who performed the lewd dance to draw Amaterasu out of the cave.
Rules Over: Good crops.

Description: Guardian of the Japanese people, ruler of all deities. One of her tasks was to weave sacred robes for the gods, a habit kept alive today by modern Shinto priestesses.
Rules Over: Warmth, harvest, love, fertility, goodness, wisdom, peace, light, compassion.

Description: Name given to the Gods of Heaven to distinguish them from the gods of the Earth (who are called the Kuni-Tsu-Kami).

Other Names: Amida.
Description: A form of the Buddha.
Rules Over: Protection, forgiveness.

Other Names: Benzaiten.
Description: Only goddess of good luck.
Rules Over: Protection from earthquakes, inspiration and talent, wealth and romance.

Chimati no Kami
Descriptoin: God of crossroads and footpaths.
Rules Over: Fertility.

Other Names: Emma-o.
Description: Male Ruler of the Underworld.
Rules Over: Death, revenge, destruction.

Fugen Bosatsu
Description: A God.
Rules Over: Enlightening wisdom, intelligence, understanding, intuition, long life.

Description: Defined historical figure after his death.
Rules Over: War, battle, bravery, honor, success in personal matters.

Other Names: Haya-tsu-mujo no Kami.
Description: God of the winds.
Rules Over: Winds, whirlwinds.

Description: Guardian of the Law.
Rules Over: Justice, law, victory, purity.

Description: Goddess, sometimes a god, of rice.
Rules Over: Shopkeepers, merchants, business, prosperity, smiting, sword blades.

Description: Stone-Coagulating Old Woman who was a smith-goddess who created the first mirror from copper stones out of the Isuzu River.
Rules Over: Smiting, creativity, creation.

Description: Creator God, earth God, Male Principle.
Rules Over: Magick.

Description: Divine Mother, Earth Goddess, Female Principle.
Rules Over: Magick.

Jizo Bosatsu
Description: Protector of Mankind. Rescues souls from hell.
Rules Over: Children, the dead, comfort, rescue, counsel for the dead, protection from evil.

Kannon Bosatsu
Other Names: Kannon, Kwannon.
Description: Male form of the Chinese Kuan Yin.
Rules Over: Mercy, compassion.

Kaya nu Hima
Description: Goddess of herbs.
Rules Over: Herbs.

Other Names: Kishimo-Hin.
Description: Protectress of children, Universal Mother.
Rules Over: Compassion, childbirth, life, balance, fertility.

Description: Goddess of the cherry tree.
Rules Over: Cherry trees.

Nai no Kami
Description: God of earthquakes.
Rules Over: Earthquakes.

Other Names: Kami-Naru.
Description: Goddess of thunder.
Rules Over: Thunder, protection, trees, artisans.

Other Names: Okuninushi.
Description: Earth God.
Rules Over: Medicine, sorcery, cunning, self-realization.

Description: Goddess of the willow tree.
Rules Over: Willow Trees.

Other Names: Shio-zuchi.
Description: Most important sea deities.
Rules Over: The ocean tides and sea creatures.

Description: First and most important of eight mountain gods.
Rules Over: All mountains and volcanoes.

Description: Goddess of the plum blossoms.
Rules Over: Plum blossoms.

Sae no Kami
Description: Name for the guardian gods of the roads.
Rules Over: Protection from misfortune.

Other Names: Shaka-nyorai.
Description: Japanese name for the Buddha.
Rules Over: Virtue, enlightenment, self-realization.

Shichi Fukujin
Other Names: Shichi-Kukujin.
Description: The Seven Gods of Happiness.
Their Names: Ebisu (patron of work), Daikoku (prosperity), Benzaiten (love), Bishamonten (happiness and war), Fukurokuju (happiness and long life), Juojin (happiness and long life), Hotei Osho (good fortune).

Other Names: Susanowo.
Description: Mischief making god of storm and thunder.
Rules Over: Agriculture, earthquakes, rain, storms, snakes, bravery, the seas, trees.

Toyota Mahime
Description: Sea Goddess.

Description: Goddess of singing who appears in the shape of a bullfinch.



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