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Directory of Hellenic (Greek) Deities


An alphabetical listing of the Greek gods and goddesses and heroes. Roman equivalent names have been included where available.


Achelous -- A river god who fought Hercules over the woman Deianira. He turned into a bull for the fight when Hercules refused to talk it out. Hercules broke off a horn which became the magical Cornucopia and was always full of flowers and fruit. Also, Aechelous.

Achilles -- Mortal, mostly. The Trojan War hero who was the son of Pelues and the goddess Thetis. When Achilles was a baby, his mother, wishing to protect him, held him by the heel and dipped him into the river Styx for invulnerability. Naturally, the wound that killed him was to his heel. Achilles was the greatest hero of the Trojan War.

Adonis -- One of Aphrodite's escorts. He was also loved by Persephone. His name also means "Lord," and he is a vegetation god.

Aegeus -- One of the Kings of Athens. He was either the father or foster father of Theseus. He was also the father of Medus by Medea. When he learned of Medea's plot to kill Theseus, he had both her and their son exiled. Aegeus died at his own hand when he mistakenly thought that Theseus had died.

Aegipan -- May be the same as Pan. He is a god of several things, including shepherds, forests, wildlife, and fertility.

Aeneas -- A prince of Troy, he's given credit for going to Italy and founding the Roman race. He also began the city of Lavinium. Aeneas was the son of Anchises and Aphrodite. Father of: Ascanius, by his Trojan wife Creusa; and Silvius by his Italian wife, Livinia.

Aeolus -- King or regent of the four winds (north, east, south, and west).

Aether -- The upper air/sky. He was the son of Nyx and Erebus.

Agamemnon -- King of both Argos and Mycenae. Leader of the Greeks during the Trojan War. Menelaus's brother. Sacrificed his daughter, Iphigenia, so Artemis would allow the Greek fleet to proceed. After the war, he was murdered by his wife, Clytemnestra (who was understandably upset with him).

Aglaia -- Of the three Graces, she was the one who personified beauty. Her sisters were Euphrosyne and Thalia.

Agrius -- A Giant in the war against the Olympians. Died at the hands of the Fates.

Ajax of Locris -- Warrior in the Trojan War. Offended Athena by kidnapping Cassandra from the goddess's shrine and raping her. This brought ruin to the Greeks who had been victorious.

Ajax of Salamis -- Hero in the Trojan War. He killed himself after losing Achilles's armor through a contest with Odysseus. Called the "Greater Ajax."

Alcmene -- Mortal. Mother of Hercules, by Zeus.

Alcyoneus -- A Giant in the war against the Olympians. Killed by Heracles.

Alecto -- One of the Furies

Amaltheia -- The goat nymph who nursed Zeus as a baby.

Amphitrite -- Poseidon's wife and a sea goddess. Their children included Triton, Rhode, and Benthesicyme.

Andromeda -- Mortal. Married Perseus after he rescued her from a sea monster.

Anius -- King of Delos. One of Apollo's prophets/priests. Father of three daugthers with magical abilities: Elais, Spermo, and Oino. They had the ability to turn whatever they touched into oil, corn, or wine.

Antigone -- Both sister and daughter to King Oedipus of Thebes. After his exile, she wandered with him until he died. She was either buried alive by her uncle Creon after she performed funeral rites for her brother, or she married her cousin and killed herself when her son was sentenced to death by Creon.

Antiope -- An Amazon queen. She was taken away by Theseus and has a son by him named Hippolytus (after her sister, Hippolyta). She was killed in battle, but it was an accident. The killing blow came either from Theseus or Penthesileia.

Aphrodite -- Who doesn't know her as the goddess of love?! She was born from the sea foam in which Uranus's castrated genitals fell into. She had several children: Aeneas (by Anchises); Priapus (by Dionysus); Hermaphroditus (by Hermes); and Phobus [Panic], Deimus [Fear], and Harmonia (by Ares). She is also there to help you pull loving energy in toward yourself. Roman: Venus.

Apollo -- God of the sun. Also the god of fine arts, light, medicine, music, poetry, and eloquence. Artemis is his twin sister. Roman: Apollo, Sol.

Ares -- God of war. One of Aphrodite's lovers. See Aphrodite for list of children. Roman: Mars.

Arges -- One of the Cyclopes. Son of Gaia and Uranus.

Artemis -- Goddess of the moon and the hunt and Apollo's twin sister. One of the three virgin goddesses. Roman: Diana.

Asclepius -- One of Apollo's sons. A god associated with healing and medicine.

Asteria -- Hecate's mother, Asteria is the daughter of Coeus and Phoebe (Titans).

Astraeus -- Fathered three of the winds: Zephyrus, Boreas, and Notus.

Atalanta -- Huntress who raced men on foot. She was so confident of her speed that she boasted she would only marry the man who could outrun her. That man was Melanion (Milanion) who outwitted her by throwing golden apples in her path. After they were married, they were eventually turned into lions.

Athena -- Sprang fully grown and dressed in armor from her father's (Zeus's) head. She is the goddess of war, wisdom, and protection. One of the three virgin goddesses. Roman: Minerva.

Atlas -- A Titan who helped command during the war with the Olympians. His fate was to hold the world up on his shoulders.

Atropos -- One of the three Fates. She held the shears that cut the threads of life.


Bacchus -- Another name for Dionysus.

Bia -- He was the son of Styx and Pallas and the personification of force.

Boreas -- The North Wind.

Briareus -- One of the Hundred-handed Giants that was son of Uranus and Gaia.

Brontes -- One of the Cyclopes.


Cadmus -- Mortal. Founded and ruled Thebes. Was Dionysus's grandfather.

Calliope -- The Muse of epic/heroic poetry.

Calypso -- Atlas's daughter, a nymph. She tried to lure Odysseus to stay on her island by offering him immortality and eternal youth.

Camenae -- Roman. Comparable to the Muses because she was a goddess of the arts.

Cassandra -- Mortal. She was a seer who was cursed by Apollo so that no one would believe her prophesies. The curse was a result of rejecting Apollo's advances.

Cephissus -- Fathered Narcissus. A river god.

Ceres -- Roman. Equated with Demeter.

Chaos -- Who/What existed before the Universe came into being. The different poets have different ideas of the form that Chaos took.

Charon -- The Underworld figure who carried the dead on a ferry across the river Styx.

Cheiron -- A very old and wise Centaur. He was a teacher to many of the Greek heroes. Cheiron was immortal until he suffered a wound which caused great pain until Prometheus took his immortality so he could go to the Underworld.

Clio -- The Muse of history.

Clotho -- The Fate responsible for spinning the thread used for the weaving of mortal lives.

Clymene -- One of the Oceanids. She was the mother of Prometheus, Atlas, Menoetius, and Epimetheus (by Iapetus) and Phaethon (by Helius).

Coeus -- One of the Titans. Fathered (with Phoebe) Leto and Asteria.

Cottus -- A Hundred-handed Giant.

Cratus -- Strength. He was the son of Styx and Pallas.

Creon -- Brother-in-law and uncle to King Oedipus and Jocasta's brother. Took the throne after Oedipus's sons died.

Crius -- One of the Titans. Fathered (with Eurybia) Astraeus.

Cronus -- Ruler of the Titans. Overthrew and castrated his father, Uranus. This freed the Titans. Fathered six Olympians and was overthrown by his youngest son, Zeus. He was locked away in Tartarus by the Olympians.

Cupid -- Roman. See Eros.

Cybele -- Took care of Dionysus when he was afflicted with madness by Hera. Laid the foundation for the religious rites that he would use for his own rites.

Cymopoleia -- Fathered by Zeus, she was given by him as a gift to Briareus for helping Zeus in the battle against the Titans.


Daedalus -- Mortal. An inventor. He was Icarus's father, the one would built the wax wings to escape the Labyrinth he had built.

Daphne -- A nymph from the mountains who turned herself into a laurel bush after being chased by Apollo.

Deianira -- Heracles's wife. Accidentally killed him by sending a cloak that had been soaked in poison.

Deimus -- Fear's personification.

Demeter -- The goddess of fertility and harvest. Persephone's mother. Also an important goddess for childbirth and being involved with children. Roman: Ceres.

Despoena -- Poseidon and Demeter's daughter. A nymph.

Diana -- Roman. Very closely related to Artemis. Goddess of the moon and the hunt.

Dike -- Justice, also one of the Seasons (Horae).

Dione -- A Pleiade, parented by Atlas and Pleione.

Dionysus -- As close to a "party" god as one can get. He's the god of wine, grapes, and partying (revelry). He freely wandered the world to spread his own religion and its rites. He made a lot of enemies for his focus on having fun. Also known as Bacchus and Bromius.

Dryope -- Nymph mother of Pan.

Dryops -- Pan's grandfather and a son of Apollo.


Echo -- A jabber box of a nymph who attended Hera at one time. Because she distracted Hera from Zeus's affairs with some of the other nymphs, she was cursed by only being able to repeat what other people said. Also fell in love with Narcissus spurned her. She wasted away and only her echo was left in the hills to repeat whatever was said.

Eileithyia -- A goddess of childbirth. One of Zeus and Hera's daughters.

Eirene -- Peace. Also one of the Seasons (Horae).

Eos -- Goddess of dawn. Mothered three of the winds: Zephyrus, Boreas, and Notus. Also had other children. Roman: Aurora.

Erato -- Muse of love poetry and marriage songs.

Erebus -- Of the Underworld, he is the Darkness. Erebus is the son of Chaos and fathered Hemera and Aether.

Erichthonius -- Son of Hesphestus's seed spilled onto Athena then wiped onto Gaia (which caused her to bear this son). King of Athens. Supposedly had a snake tail rather than legs.

Erinyes -- Another name for the Furies.

Eris -- Discord and strife. Think of the short bratty goddess who always hung out with Ares on the TV show Hercules and you got the picture. Roman: Discordia.

Eros -- Love. The mover behind the Creation. Roman: Amor or Cupid.

Eumenides -- Formerly the Furies. Athens's patron dieties.

Eunomia -- Law and order. One of the Seasons (Horae).

Euphrosyne -- One of three Graces.

Euryale -- An immortal Gorgon.

Eurybia -- She is the daughter of Pontus and Gaia.

Eurynome -- 1. From a Pelasgian myth (Pelasgians being Greeks who immigrated from Asia minor), she was the Goddess of All Things. She was said to have created the universe by laying the Universal Egg. 2. The Oceanid who was said to have saved Hephaestus after he was kicked out of Olympus for being ugly. She also gave birth, through Zeus, the three Graces.

Eurytion -- 1.Son of Ares. He guarded Geryon cattle and was killed by Heracles. 2. Mortal. King of Phthia. Antigone's father.

Eurytus -- 1. Giant that was killed by Dionysus during the war between the Olympians and the Giants. 2. Father of Heracles's wife, Iphitus. Also taught Heracles archery.

Euterpe -- The Muse associated with music and lyrical poetry.

Evenus -- One of Ares's sons.


Furies -- There are three. They seek to avenge wrongs against a family. They are Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megara. They were born of the blood that dripped to the earth from Uranus's castrated genitals.


Gaia -- The Earth Mother. She also gave birth to Uranus and Pontus by herself. After that, she and Uranus had the Giants, the Cyclopes, then the Titans.

Glaucus -- A sea god in love with a girl named Scylla. When he asked Circe to give him a love potion, she became very jealous and turned Scylla into a monster.

Gration -- One of the Giants killed in the war against the Olympians. He was killed by an arrow from Artemis.

Gyges -- One of the hundred-handed Giants.


Hades -- Master of the Underworld. One of the Olympians. He fell in love with Persephone and kidnapped her to his kingdom.They were eventually married. Roman: Pluto.

Halirrhothius -- One of Poseidon's sons. After he tried to rape one of Ares' daughters, Alcippe, he was killed by Ares. This was the first case of a murder trial. Ares was acquitted.

Harmonia -- Ares and Aphrodite's daughter. She married Cadmus who was a King of Thebes.

Hebe -- One of Zeus and Hera's daughters. Perpetual youthfulness and beauty. She married Heracles after he joined the gods on Olympus.

Hecate -- A goddess who started out as benevolent and good. She came to be associated with sorcery. She was also an attendant to Persephone.

Helen -- Said to be the most beautiful woman in the entire world. She was married to Menelaus. When Helen was kidnapped by Paris of Troy, the Trojan war was begun.

Helius -- A sun god. He was the son of Hyperion and Theia.

Hemera -- Day. Nyx and Erebus's daughter.

Hephaestus -- The only ugly god. Lamed by being thrown from Olympus by Hera. The god of smiting, metalworking, and craftsmanship. He made things for the other gods, especially weapons. Roman: Vulcan.

Hera -- One of the Olympians. She married her brother, Zeus. She is the goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Through Zeus, she gave birth to Hebe, Ares, and Eileithyia. On her own, she gave birth to Hephaestus. Hera also was known for stalking and causing suffering to the many mistresses of Zeus. Roman: Juno.

Heracles -- The most famous hero of Greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus and the mortal Alchemene. He killed his first wife, Megara, and their children because insanity caused by Hera. Hera followed and tormented him his entire mortal life. To make up for the death of his family, Heracles was forced to perform ten labors (which ended up being twelve). During this time he killed many monsters and captured many beasts. He fathered over 100 children and after being tricked into putting on a poison shirt, he ended his mortal life and moved to Olympus where he married Hebe. Roman: Hercules.

Hermaphroditus -- Born of Hermes and Aphrodite, double-sexed.

Hermes -- An Olympian. The messenger God. Patron of travellers, merchants, rogues, and thieves. Hermes also served as a guide to dead souls to the Underworld. Roman: Mercury.

Hestia -- A virgin goddess. Patroness of the hearth, home, and community.

Hippolytus -- One of the Giants killed during the war against the Olympians. He was killed by Hermes.

Horae -- The Season. Three daughters of Zeus and Themis. They are Eunomia, Dike, and Eirene.

Hydra -- Under Lernean Hydra.

Hymen -- A later god of marriage.

Hyperion -- A Titan and early god of the sun.

Hypnos -- Sleep. One of Nyx's children.


Iacchus -- Persephone's brother, son of Zeus and Demeter.

Iapetus -- A Titan.

Indiges -- Aeneas. He became a god after his mortality was washed away.

Ino -- One of Cadmus and Harmonia's daughters. Took care of Dionysus when he was young. After Hera drove her mad, Ino boiled her son Melicertes and then jumped into the sea with him. At that point, she became Leucothea, a sea goddess.

Iolaus -- Heracles's nephew. He was his very close friend and helped when Heracles defeated the Hydra.

Iris -- The rainbow goddess. She also served as a messenger, mostly to Zeus and Hera.

Ismenius -- A river god.

Ixion -- Father, by a cloud, of the Centaurs. This happened when he tried to seduce Hera and Zeus found out and put a cloud in her place.


Janus -- Roman. Porter of heaven and guarded all of the gates.

Jason -- Quested on the Argo for the Golden Fleece.

Jocasta -- Wife and mother of King Oedipus. Originally wife of Laius. She hanged herself after she found out that she had married her own son. Mother of Oedipus by Laius; and of Eteocles, Polyneices, Antigone, and Ismene by Oedipus.


Kore -- Persephone's name before Hades kidnapped her and took her to the Underworld.


Lachesis -- The Fate that measures the span of each mortal life/thread.

Laius -- Father of King Oedipus. He was the King of Thebes until he was killed by his son who didn't know of the relationship.

Leto -- Artemis and Apollo's mother by Zeus. Coues and Phoebe's daughter. Roman: Latona.


Machaon -- A god of healing. Apollo's grandson, Asclepius's son.

Maia -- A Pleiades (one of Atlas's daughters). Mother of Hermes by Zeus.

Medea -- A sorceress. Also a priestess of Hecate. She married Jason after helping him to obtain the Golden Fleece. When he abandoned her, she killed his children and new wife. After that, she ran to Athens where she married King Aegeus and had a son (Medus). Finally, she was banished after she tried to get Theseus killed.

Medusa -- Of three Gorgons, she was the only mortal. Mother of Pegasus and Chrysaor. Medusa was decapitated by Perseus who proceeded to use the Gorgon head as a weapon.

Megara -- 1. A Fury. 2. The first wife of Heracles who was killed when he went mad.

Melicertes -- Son of Ino. Was thrown into a boiling cauldron when his mother went mad because of Hera. After that, he and and mother jumped into the sea. Melicertes became a sea god and took the name Palaemon.

Melpomene -- Muse usually associated with tragedy.

Menelaus -- Helen's husband in Sparta. Took her back after Sparta won the Trojan war of 10 years.

Menoetius -- Titan God of violent anger, rash action and human mortality.

Merope -- A Pleiade. She was the only one to marry a mortal. When her husband died, she refused to have him buried properly so he would have a reason to return.

Metis -- An Oceanid. She was Zeus's first lover. While she was pregnant for Athena, Zeus swallowed her. She was a very wise individual (although one would think she'd be wise enough not to get involved with Zeus) and kept giving him advice from inside his belly.

Mimas -- One of the Giants in the war against the Olympians. He was either killed by Ares or Hephaestus.

Mnemosyne -- A Titan. Mother of the nine Muses by Zeus.

Moirai -- The Fates: Clothos, Lcheses, and Atropos. Roman: Parcae.

Moros -- Doom. One of Nyx's children.

Muses -- There are nine: Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melponmene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, Urania, and Calliope. Each one inspires a particular type of art/artist.


Narcissus -- A very beautiful young man who fell in love with his own reflection as a curse after spurning the love of Echo and others. He pined away until all was left was a flower that was to be called "narcissus."

Nemesis -- One of Nyx's daughters, she was a goddess of retribution.

Nereids -- The 50 sea nymph daughters of Nereus and Doris. Thetis and Amphitrite are the two most famous.

Nereus -- A sea god. Son of Pontus and Gaia, fathered the Nereids (50 daughters between him and Doris). Also known as the Old Man or the Sea, or simply The Old Man.

Nike -- Victory. Styx and Phallas's son. One of Zeus's buddies.

Notus -- The South Wind.

Numincius -- The river god that washed Aeneas's body to sea to prepare him for godhood as Indiges.

Nyx -- Night.Chaos's daughter. With Erebus, she had Hemera and Aether. On her own, she gave birth to Moros, thanatos, Hypnos, nemesis, Eris, the keres, and the Moirai. Orphic myth has her as having laid the Egg of the World (by the Wind).


Oceanids -- Oceanus and Tethys's 3000 daughters.

Oceanus -- The old god of the river. He circled the entire world in one big river. The first Titan to be born. Fathered the Oceanids and all the world's rivers.

Odysseus -- King of Ithaca. Wandered at sea for ten years after the Trojan War ended. Of twelve ships in his convoy, his was the only one to survive. At the end of the ten years, he got home to find that suitors had flooded his home in hopes of marrying his wife, Penelope, who remained faithful to him all those years. He and his friend killed them (can a person blame them?).

Oedipus -- King of Thebes. Unwittingly killed his father, married his mother, then had four children by her: Eteocles, Polyneices, Antigone, and Ismene. Also solved the riddle of the Sphynx in order to save Thebes. Blinded himself and went into exile after discovering he had married his mother and killed his father. Was accompanied in his wanderings by Antigone.


Pallas --1. One of the Giants killed during the war against the Olympians. Athena killed him. 2. Styx's husband. Father of Zelus, nice, Cratus, and Bia.

Pan -- God of shepherds, wild animals, forests, and fertility. His parents were Hermes and one of Dryops's daughters. Pan was half goat and half god. Roman: Faunus.

Palina -- A daughter of Zeus and Seline, she was rather beautiful.

Pandora -- Ah, Pandora. She was the first woman. The gods sent her to Earth to punish men for receiving the gift of fire. The punishment was in her opening of the box containing all sorts of plagues (vice, passion, labor, old age, sickness, death...). She was also said to have only bore wicked women as her children even though she was sweet and beautiful.

paris -- Kidnapped Helen and therefore caused the Trojan War.

Peitho -- Persuasion.

Periphetes -- Son of Hepaestus and Anticleia. He was lame and would club strangers over the head. His death was fitting: he was clubbed by Theseus.

Persephone -- Hades's wife, Queen of the Underworld. She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She represents the changing of seasons because every six months she spends in the Underworld with Hades, and the other half of the year is spent above ground with her mother. This arrangement was created after she had been kidnapped by Hades and tricked into eating some pomegranate seeds. The rule in the Underworld was that eating anything condemns a person to stay there. Roman: Proserpine.

Phaethon -- As a son of Helius (by Clymene), he wanted to prove that he really was Helius's son. So he talked his father into allowing him to drive the chariot--despite Helius's warnings--and then almost crashed it into Earth. He was killed by one of Zeus's thunderbolts.

Phobus -- Fear. Ares and Aphrodite's son.

Phoebe -- A Titan. Mother of Leto and Asteria.

Phorcys -- A god of the sea. Father of the Braeae and the Gorgons by Ceto. Also a son of Gaia and Pontus.

Plutus -- A god of the Earth's wealth. Iasion and Demeter's son, half-brother to Persephone.

Polybotes -- One of the Giants in the war against the Olympians. Crushed to death by Poseidon.

Polyhymnia -- Muse associated with sacred song and oratory.

Polyphemus -- The flesh-eating Cyclopes who lived on an island and was killed by Oddyseus.

Pontus -- The Sea. Fathered Nereus, Phorcys, Thaumas, Ceto, and Eurybia by Gaia, who was also his mother.

Porphyrion -- A Giant during the war against the Olympians. He was killed by a bolt from Zeus and an arrow from Heracles after he tried to rape Hera.

Poseidon -- Although he was the god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses, he might also be considered a fertility god. He fathered many children: Triton, Rhode, and Benthesicyme, by Amphitrite; Theseus, by Aethra; Despoena and Arion, by Demeter; Pegasus and Chrysaor, by Medusa; the golden-fleeced ram by Theophane; and teh giants Polyphemus, Orus, and Ephialtes.

Priapus -- The incredibly ugly son (who had enormous genitals) of Aphrodite and Dionysus.

Prometheus -- Introduce fire to man. As this was against Zeus's wishes, he was severely punished. Zeus had him chained to a rock where either an eagle or a vulture ate his liver every day. Prometheus was the son of Iapetus and Clymene.

Psyche -- Eros fell in love with her, and Aphrodite hated her because she was so beautiful that people stopped worshipping Aphrodite. Eros demanded that she not try to find out who he was, but she did anyway, and they (were) separated. After she made up with him, Zeus made her immortal. She eventually had a child with Eros named Volupta (Pleasure).

Pythia -- Apollo's priestess/prophetess. She was at Delphi.


Quirinus -- Roman. A god of war, his name was Romulus before he went to heaven.


Remus -- Roman. Romulus's brother. See Romulus for more.

Rhea -- A Titan and earth goddess. Rhea was the mother, by Cronus, of six of the Olympians: Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Hades, and Hestia. She helped Zeus in the scheme to overthrow Cronus.

Rhea Silva -- Roman. Mother, by Mars through seduction or rape, of the twins, Romulus and Remus. She had been appointed by her uncle Amulius to be a Vestal Virgin so she would not have any children that could become heirs to her father's kingdom (her father had been deposed). After the twins were born, Amulius had her imprisoned. Rhea Silva was never heard from again.

Romulus -- Roman. Twin of Remus. After the twins were born, they were thrown by their great-uncle Amuius into the Tiber River to drown. They were rescued by their father, Mars. After being raised by a woodpecker, a wolf, then humans, they returned to kill their uncle and return their grandfather Numitor to his throne. When the twins decided to start a city, they found they could not agree on anything. Eventually, Remus was killed by Romulus's followers. The city that was founded, Rome, grew under Romulus's control, but he became an abductor of wives and kept the city growing. Romulus was either killed by patricians of Rome or ascended to heaven to become Quirinus, a war god.


Scamander -- A river god. During the Trojan War, his stream got clogged up by bodies that had been killed by Achilles. He tried get revenge by flooding the battlefield to drown Achilles, but the plan literally went up in smoke thanks to a large flame sent by Hephaestus.

Selene -- Moon goddess. She is Hyperion and Theia's daughter and the mother of Pandia by Zeus and 50 daughters by Endymion.

Semele -- Dionysus's mother. When Hera tricked her into asking to see Zeus as he truly is, she was consumed by flames. Dionysus went to the Underworld and took her to Mount Olympus at which time her name was changed to Thyone.

Sibyl -- A very ancient prophetess who was given the power of prophecy and longevity by Apollo. She did not retain her youthfulness and beauty, however, because she refused his offer to be his mistress. Sibyl also guided Aeneas in the Underworld when he sought his father's advice. Also known as Cumaean.

Silens -- Half man, half goat. They were the gods of the forest. They followed Pan or Dionysus (or both) and enjoyed music, poetry, and drinking. They were the original party animals.

Silenus -- He was the leader of the Silens.

Sinope -- A nymph who when being chased by an amorous Apollo got him to agree to give her one wish. The wish? To be a virgin for the rest of her life.

Steropes -- A Cyclopes. Uranus and Gaia's son.

Stheno -- A Gorgon.

Styx -- She was the goddess of the main Underworld river where souls had to cross. She was also the first immortal to support the Olympians when they fought the Giants. Mother of Zeus, Nike, Cratus, and Bia (by Pallas).

Syrinx -- A nymph chased by Pan. When she changed herself into marsh reeds, Pan tied some together to create the first pan-pipes, also called syrinx.


Talus -- Last of the bronze giants (a very old race). He was killed when Medea bewitched him and pierced a vein near his ankle.

Teirisias -- Old seer who warned Oedipus of his fate and gave advice to Odysseus. It was said that he spent seven years as a woman and that he was blinded by Hera after supporting Zeus in an argument about sex.

Telegonus -- Son of Circe and Oddysseus who killed his father without realizing who it was. Eventually married Penelope, Oddyseus's wife.

Telemachus -- Son of Penelope and Oddysseus who helped his father kill the suitors who had stayed in the palace in Ithaca hoping to marry Penelope. Eventually married Circe, mother of Oddyseus's other son. Circe granted Telemachus immortality.

Terpsichore -- Muse usually associated with dance.

Tethys -- A Titan and sea goddess. Mother of the earth's rivers and Oceanids by Oceanus.

Thalia -- 1. Muse usually associate with comedy. 2. A Grace.

Thanatos -- Death, son of Nyx.

Thaumas -- One of Pontus and Gaia's sons. Father of Iris by Electra, an Oceanid.

Theia -- A Titan. Mother of Helius, Selen, and Eos, all by Hyperion, her brother.

Themis -- A Titan. Mother of the Seasons (Horae) and Fates (Moirai), all by Zeus.

Theseus -- King of Athens. Performed many heroic deeds, including the slaying of the Minotaur and bringing democracy to government.

Thetis -- Ancient sea goddess. She married Peleus and was the mother of Achilles.

Thoas -- 1. A Giants in the war against the Olympians. He was beaten to death by the Fates. 2. Son of Dionysus.

Tisiphone -- One of the Furies.

Tityus -- A Giant. He tried to rape Leto and was killed by the twins Artemis and Apollo. As punishment, an eagle eats his liver every day.

Triton -- A sea god. He was the son of Amphitrite and Poseidon.


urania -- Muse usually associated with astronomy.

Uranus -- The sky and son and mate of Gaia. After fathering the Hundred-handed Giants, Cyclopes, and twelve of the Titans, he was castrated, overthrown, then imprisoned in Tartarus by his son, Cronus.


Volupta -- Pleasure. Cupid and Psyche's daughter.


Zelus -- Zeal. He was the son of Styx and Pallas. One of Zeus's buddies.

Zephyrus -- The West Wind.

Zeus -- The strongest of the Olympian gods and the youngest of the twelve of Rhea's children. Overthrew his father Cronus after Cronus had eaten his eleven older siblings. He was the ruler of the gods, humans, and the earth and heaven (Mt. Olympus). Also the god of thunder, his weapon was the thunderbolt. Zeus had many, many children by many, many lovers. He was the quintessential unfaithful husband--to a very jealous Hera. Roman name: Jupiter.


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