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Directory of African Deities


Other Names: "God in the sky", God on Earth", Creator God, River God.
Location: The Lugbara of Zaire and Uganda.
Description: He is pictured as tall and white with only half of his body visible.
Rules Over: Social order, law, death.

Location: The Turkana of Kenya.
Rules Over: Divination.

Other Names: Ale, Ane.
Location: The Ibo of Nigeria.
Description: Extremely popular Goddess and Earth Mother. She is a Creator Goddess and Queen of the Dead.
Rules Over: Community laws, morality, oaths, harvest.

Location: The Temne.
Description: River demon.
Rules Over: Wealth.

Other Names: Father God, "the strong lord."
Location: Akamba of Kenya.
Rules Over: Mercy, help, surviving the impossible.

Other Names: Yaa, Aberewa, Efua, "Old Woman Earth."
Location: The Ashanti of West Africa.
Description: Goddess of creation of humans and receiver of them at death.
Rules Over: Cultivation, harvest.

Location: West Africa.
Description: Fish God.

Location: South Central Africa among the Bushman.
Description: Creator God.
Rules Over: Sorcery and Shape-Shifting.

Other Names: Mulengi, Mwenco, Wamtatakuya Tumbuka.
Description: Creator God, Rain God. Is self-created and omniscient.
Rules Over: Rain, help, plant growth, food.

Other Names: Chineke.
Location: The Ibo of East Nigeria.
Description: "The first great cause", "Creator", Father of Ale, The Earth Goddess. Offerings and sacrifices were done for him in groves.
Rules Over: Help, goodness.

Location: Dahomey.
Description: Snake God. Rainbow Snake shown with tail in his mouth.
Rules Over: Wholeness, unity.

Other Names: Parsai, Emayian.
Location: Masai.
Description: Sky God. Grass is used in rituals for him.
Rules Over: Rain, vegetation, blessings.

Location: Dahomey.
Rules Over: Destiny.

Location: Guinea.
Rules Over: Protection, health, fertility.

Other Names: Gawa, Gawama.
Location: Among the Bushmen.
Description: Leads the spirits of the deceased.
Rules Over: Disruption, harassment, death.

Location: Dahomey.
Description: Moon God.

Location: The Fon of West Africa.
Rules Over: War, smiths.

Location: Gambia.
Description: Evil God. Meteors are his sign.
Rules Over: Power and death over enemies.

Location: The Hottentots.
Description: Sorcerer God.
Rules Over: Shape-shifting, magick.

Other Names: Hategekimana, Hashakimana, Habyarimana, Ndagijimana, Bigirimana, "Almighty God."
Location: The Banyarwands.
Rules Over: Power, goodness, children, planning.

Other Names: Eka Obasi, Obasi Nsi, Ibibio, Ekoi.
Location: West Africa.
Description: Tortoise-shelled Goddess.
Rules Over: Fertility of the Earth.

Other Names: Jok Odudu, Alur.
Location: Uganda and Zaire.
Description: Black goats were to be sacrificed to him when rain was needed.
Rules Over: Rain.

Other Names: Shilluk, Supreme God.
Location: White Nile.
Description: Created all men on Earth.

Other Names: Nyami.
Location: The Volta areas.
Description: He brought souls to the Supreme God.

Other Names: Lissoddene, Kagingo, Ssewannaku, Lugaba, Ssebintu, Nnyiniggulu, Namuginga, Ssewaunaku, Gguluddene, Namugereka.
Location: The Ganda of East Africa.
Description: Creator God.
Rules Over: Help, Judgment, aid when the odds are against you, control over spirits, divination, oracles.

Location: The Nuer of South Sudan.
Description: Great Spirit God.
Rules Over: Nature, help, compassion, judgment.

Location: Dahomey.
Description: Chameleon God/dess.
Rules Over: Protection, divination.

Mbaba Mwana Waresa
Location: The Zulu of Natal.
Description: Goddess of what she rules over.
Rules Over: Rainbows, rain, crops, cultivation, beer.

Location: Dahomey.
Description: Supreme Goddess, creator of all things. Mawu is worshipped by The Fon of Benin in West Africa as a Moon Goddess and creatrix of everything.

Location: Macouas of Zambesi, Banayis.
Description: Supreme God, creator of everything.
Rules Over: Agriculture, architecture, the harvest.

Location: Giryama of Kenya.
Description: Rain God.
Rules Over: Rain.

` Nenaunir
Other Names: The Rainbow Snake.
Location: Masai of Kenya.
Description: An Evil Storm God who was linked to the rainbow. Resided in the clouds and was a dreaded spirit.
Rules Over: Storms.

` Ngai
Location: Masai.
Description: Creator God.
Rules Over: Life and Death.

Description: Moon Goddess.

Location: Lele.
Description: Creator God.
Rules Over: Protection, justice, help, forests, fertility.

Location: Koko of Nigeria.
Description: God.
Rules Over: Restoring Life.

Other Names: Nyambe.
Location: The Barotse of Upper Zambesi.
Description: great God. Creator of everything.

Location: The Twi of West Africa.
Description: Great God who prepared the soul to be reborn on the physical plane and gave out its fate.
Rules Over: Fate.

Nyamia Ama
Location: Senegal.
Description: God of storms, rain and lightning. A sky god.
Rules Over: Storms, rain, lightning.

Location: The Bankongo of the Congo.
Description: Great Goddess who created everything. She played the role of Justice and rewarded and punished according to the deeds of man.
Rules Over: Justice.

Description: Santeria river goddess.

Location: Yoruba.
Description: Santeria Goddess of the rainbow.

Location: Yoruba.
Description: Primary Mother Goddess.

Other Names: Ogoun.
Location: The Nago and Yoruba of West Africa.
Description: God of iron and warfare.
Rules Over: Iron, warfare, removing difficulties, smoothing the path to a desired result, Justice, Smiths, Hunters, Barbers, Goldsmiths, Steel.

Other Names: Olofin-Orun, Olodumare.
Location: Yoruba.
Description: Sky God.
Rules Over: Truth, control of the Elements, Foresight, Victory when the odds are against you, Destiny.

Location: Agni.
Description: Son of the Earth.
Rules Over: Cultivation.

Location: The Serer of Gambia.
Description: Sky god, controlled the weather.
Rules Over: Rain, Thunder, Lightning.

Other Names: Ruhanga, Kazooba, Mukameiguru.
Location: Ankore of Uganda.
Description: Creator God, Sun God, Sky God.
Rules Over: Life, healing, death, sickness, judgment.

Location: Banyoro.
Description: Great God.
Rules Over: Fertility, abundance, children, animals, harvest, health, sickness, death, judgment, rebirth.

Location: Agni of Guinea.
Description: God who is strongest during the main phases of the Moon. Swift to punish wrongful deeds.
Rules Over: Medicine, justice, retribution.

Other Names: Schango.
Location: Yoruba of Nigeria.
Description: Carries a double-headed axe much like the Nordic Thor.
Rules Over: Thunder, Storm, War, Magick.

Location: Nupe of north Nigeria.
Description: Creator God.
Rules Over: Control of the Elements, Witchcraft, Communication with the Deceased.

Location: Mozambique.
Description: Sky God.
Rules Over: Sky, Thunder, Rain.

Other Names: Nkulnkulu.
Location: The Amazulu and Ndebele of Zimbabwe.
Description: Great God, Earth God.
Rules Over: Fertility, organization, order.

Location: The Hottentots.
Description: Sky God who speaks with a voice of thunder.
Rules Over: Rain, Storms, Thunder, Harvest, Rebirth.

Other Names: Khakaba, Isaywa.
Location: Abaluyia, Bantu.
Description: "The High One". Sky God, Creator God.
Rules Over: Rain, storms, lightning, creation, prosperity, harvest, celestial phenomena.

Location: Luo of Kenya.
Description: Great God, Father God, Creator God.
Rules Over: Birth, Death, Nature, Judgment.

White Lady
Location: Tassali of the Sahara.
Description: Agricultural Goddess.
Rules Over: Agriculture, fertility.

Location: West Africa.
Description: He used a thunder axe.
Rules Over: Thunder, rain, fertility.

Location: Yoruba.
Description: River Goddess.
Rules Over: Women, children.


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