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Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program



Magickal Symbol Correspondences




Below are 72 symbols commonly used in magick. You can put magickal symbols on any of the tools or objects that you use for magick. You can even wear magickal symbols on your clothing. Like a magickal alphabet, magickal symbols speak to your unconscious. You can use symbols to make a statement. For example, a Goddess symbol on your wand could stand for your dedication to the Lady and your commitment to use magick for the good of all. You can also use symbols to further define your magickal intention - carve them on a candle for candle magick, sew them on a poppet, or draw them on paper and place them inside your poppet. You can even use magickal symbols when writing in your Book of Shadows. If you don't feel like writing the word cauldron, you can draw the symbol instead.