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Planetary Correspondences




There are 7 celestial bodies that govern over the days of the week and they are as follows:

Sunday is ruled by The SUN
Monday is ruled by The MOON
Tuesday is ruled by MARS
Wednesday is ruled by MERCURY
Thursday is ruled by JUPITER
Friday is ruled by VENUS
Saturday is ruled by SATURN

Each of these celestial bodies have unique energies that influence certain things. Below is a listing of them. The list that you see below is certainly not a complete list of everything they have influence over but it is a good start for you.

The Sun

health, success, career, goals, ambition, personal finances, advancement, fun, authority figures, law, crops, totem animals, promotion, men's mysteries, children, buying/selling, wealth, leadership abilities, self-confidence, protection

The Moon

psychic pursuits, psychology, dreams/astral travel, imagination, women's mysteries, reincarnation, short trips, women, children, the public, domestic concerns, emotions, fluids, spirituality, nursing, all things pertaining to water and bodies of water, initiation, astrology, new-age pursuits, archetypes, totem animals, shapeshifting, religious experiences, agriculture, protection, money


passion, sex, aggression, energy, strife, action, swift movement, physical energy, sports, muscular energy, partnerships, metal, surgery, police, soldiers, combat, confrontation, business, mechanical things, hunting, courage, strength, war, victory


wisdom, healing, communication, memory, education, messages, students, merchants, editing, writing, advertising, signing contracts, sibling, neighbors, kin, accounting, clerks, critics, music, editors, journalists, visual arts, hiring employees, learning languages, visiting friends, legal appointments, travel


business, logic, gambling, social matters, political power, material wealth, publishing, college education, foreign interests, religion, philosophy, forecasting, publicity, expansion, luck, growth, sports, horses, the law, doctors, guardians, merchants, charity, self-improvement, researching, reading, studying, protection, good fortune


romantic love, friendships, beauty, soulmates, dating, artistic abilities, harmony, affection, relationships, partners, alliances, grace, luxury, social activity, marriage, decorating, cosmetics, gifts, growth, gardening, architects, artists, beauticians, dancers, designers, engineers, entertainers, fashion, music, painting, poetry, household improvements, planning parties, shopping


binding, protection from dark energies, neutralization, karma, death, manifestation, structure, limits, obstacles, tests, hard work, endurance, bones, teeth, sacrifice, separation, stalkers, murderers, criminals in general, justice, math, wills, debts, financing, discovery, transformation, relations with older people, banishing, negative magick

**You may have noticed that sometimes more than one planet has influence of the same thing. This is ok and in fact works to your advantage because it gives you more leeway option when you plan your magickal working.

By strategically planning our workings, we can find a day to do our magick whose influence will be beneficial to us. We can also stay clear of days that would be counter-productive to what we want to accomplish.


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